To and Fro

It’s a common occurrence: We read or hear something somewhere, firsthand, secondhand, commentary, op eds., scrolling news, headlines, and speculative… and it sets us off: “How the #$&@ can they say this??!!” “WTF??!” “Are you kidding me??!!” “Geez Louise!” And on, and on, and on… Our blood pressure goes up, as does our righteous indignation, anger, rage,… Read More To and Fro

It Takes Effort

It takes effort, lots of it. You’ve got to be deliberate, decisive, determined. You’ve got to forego feelings, frustrations, and fury. “But, it’s the way I am!” “I’m just wired that way!” “I can’t change!” No one is asking you to change. If they are, you might need to cut off that relationship. It’s about… Read More It Takes Effort


We finally saw Pixar’s Coco last night. It brought to mind the cloud of witnesses that are our ancestors, our loved ones that have gone before us; that lived for us, toiling so that we could have what they did not. I know that our Garzanda relatives did so for Steve and Me, and for… Read More Ancestors