Leaving the Republican Party in 2002

There are many reasons why I left the Republican party in 2002 (being gay was only one of them). However, with people like this popping up more and more often, they keep showing me that it was the best decision I could have made back then. I wish more of my moderate/progressive friends still in that party had raised their voice when they could to cleanse their party of this type of filth, which is alive and well in many pockets of this country, not just the White House.
Sadly, many still think that the Democratic party is reprobate, not fiscally conservative, and not family friendly, which is perpetuated by outdated arguments, platitutudes, and truly ‘fake’ news, coming out of contrived social media ‘news’ outlets and propaganda machines like Fox.
No, I’ll never apologize, justify, or even argue with people to consider reason or forward thinking when it comes to my Democratic party; I changed my political affiliation out of true crisis of belief, and so should they. Saying the Democratic party isn’t perfect isn’t even an option anymore either, as there is no perfection in any party, potential candidate, or public servant: this is nothing but a fallacy that too many adhere to, but fail to prove themselves.
Trees are known by their fruit, the quality and the amount. It’s one thing to have a few pieces attacked by some bugs; it’s an entirely different matter when the tree bears little good fruit.



2 thoughts on “Leaving the Republican Party in 2002

  1. Yes, I concur. Thanks for the feedback. I’m working on reformatting my site and writing frequency, ever the writer’s quest. Hugs from Houston to you both!

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