I Need That Inspiration

I reached out to a friend I’d not heard from in a while, as I was wondering how he was doing.

He said he’d been busy with work and getting certified to be a yoga instructor. I could tell he’d fallen in love with it a while back. It showed in his countenance and spirit. I met him through Orangetheory fitness, which has been a major blessing to both of us and to other mutual friends in the OTF network.

I could see him being an excellent instructor, as his enthusiasm for the craft is evident. Heck, I’d probably try one of his classes, if I could swing it.

The truth is, I’m inspired by him and others in my life. I’ve a high school friend who has completely turned her life around, having become a Tri-Athelete in the process of become a plant-based enthusiast. There’s an OTF coach who has changed my life. She’s in the midst of some life challenges, but since I’ve known her, I’ve noticed that she lives what she speaks, and I think her coming into her own as a trainer has empowered her in ways previously unknown. I’ve another high school friend that I’m in constant communication about our overall health and sharing of strategies to continue advancing our health initiatives. We continue to work towards getting over life’s humps to live our best lives until the Fat Lady Sings.

And there are others, especially from my high school friends, who work it regularly, to improve their health and quality of their lives.

All of this being said, they inspire me. They exhibit desire and passion. Though I inspire myself, seeing them on their journeys, even if not always on a ‘high’, shows me the strength and frailty of humanity, further fueling my fire.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journeys, to see your grit and sweat.

Onward and upward.

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