It Takes Effort

It takes effort, lots of it.

You’ve got to be deliberate, decisive, determined.

You’ve got to forego feelings, frustrations, and fury.

“But, it’s the way I am!”

“I’m just wired that way!”

“I can’t change!”

No one is asking you to change. If they are, you might need to cut off that relationship.

It’s about recognizing who you are; it’s about seeing yourself from all angles: the good, bad, ugly, in between, underneath, and where the sun doesn’t shine, metaphorically speaking, of course. You have to acknowledge before you can transcend, admit before moving in another direction: solutions can’t happen unless a problem is identified.

There’s indignation for days, years in fact. Our social media driven consciousness has ignited a tsunami of information that—frankly—we can’t handle, and it’s taking a toll on us collectively. Convolution has become the attraction: the confused will believe anything, if plausible. And confused voices working against each other? Reason can’t play on that playground, as soon it becomes confused as well.

Instead of ships passing in the night, engaging for a brief time before passing, we’ve become a fleet of dimly lit dinghies, bobbing haphazardly and dinging each other; each one clamoring to be King of the Seas, all have failed to recognize the shallow retention pond they’re stuck in.

We’ve lost ourselves and way, charting courses of misinformation, myth, speculation, and flat-out lies; false equivalence has given credence to most absurd of these: “It is valid because I feel it so!”, the resounding voice of it all. And it is making us crazy, hyping up while yet reducing us into seething, vapid masses of icky goo.

Stop it.

Stop yourself. Take charge, control.

If you’re constantly bent on showing everyone ‘why’ you are right, and can’t handle that while some things truly matter, many more things don’t, you’ll drive yourself insane, losing yourself and much along the way, chiefly peace, contentment, and providence.

Exhausted by the barrage of everything? Stop. Just stop. Breathe and ask yourself the really tough questions:

What am I doing to myself? What am I putting myself through? Are my expectations of others or society causing the duress I am experiencing? Am I causing my misery by expectations on others, thereby causing others misery? Am I being an immature prat? Am I truly doing the best I can?

Am I at fault?

Those are difficult questions. But they aren’t meant to indict you, or to prove (to anyone) that your are “THE” problem. No, it isn’t about showing yourself to be of lesser worth than others, because that simply isn’t so (though social media may drive that belief).

It’s to examine your present state, happiness, and well-being, honestly. It’s about introspection and consciousness, evaluating how and why you feel, and why you are where you are.

We tend to self-sabatoge our success and fortitude, and given the images of perfection we’re inundated with daily in all realms, we grasp at straws that simply aren’t ours (never were ours). Rather, stop, quit looking at this person or this ‘thing’, and just be; go back to the beginning.

You can’t become the person you want to be if you stubbornly maintain focus on the external and everyone else; only by focusing within, the calm, the substance of who you are, can you become who you were meant to be.

I’ve said this before: to know yourself is the greatest superpower. This does include the ugly or what you feel are the imperfect bits.

Take your dinghy out of that pond, and take a walk. Meditate. Read a book. Talk with yourself, the inner you; get to know and nourish it. Go high when others go low.

It takes effort, lots of it.

You’ve got to be deliberate, decisive, determined.

You’re worth it.

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